Autometer Gauges & CNC Ballmilled 1/4″ Billet Aluminum Gauge Panels


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If you can see the back of your carbs or the back of your blower while you are sitting in the drivers seat, you can use one of our gauge panels.

Two sizes to choose from. The panel bolts to the 3 top bolts on the rear bearing plate of your blower. Gauges are 2-5/8″. Boost & Vacuum gauge on one side and fuel pressure on the other side. Comes with polished aluminum standoffs and all hardware to mount gauge panel. Boost gauge comes with fittings & hose. Both come with light kits.

Tall gauge panel with 3 gauges $319.95

Tall gauge panel with 2 gauges $279.95

Short gauge panel with 2 gauges  $259.95

Tall gauge panel and hardware only (for (3) 2-1/8″ gauges $95.00

Tall gauge panel and hardware only (for (2) 2-5/8″ gauges $95.00

Short gauge panel and hardware only $85.00
(All Boost Gauges come with their own plastic line kit included in the price.)

Fuel gauges need a stainless line kit. $89.00
Includes a 3’ #4 Braided Stainless Steel Line, 90° Gauge Fitting and a Straight Fitting.

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