Custom Supercharged Engines

Don’t see what you want?

We can build naturally-aspirated or supercharged engines for street, race or marine applications to your specs. Just call with your request.

All our engines now include Roller Cam and Lifters instead of Flat Tappet Hydraulic Cam and Lifters.

Al’s Rottler CNC Machine is going to have to work overtime.  CNC machine prepping another 408 block.

We are now manufacturing all our GM and Ford engines with brand new Dart engine blocks due to the lack of availabily of quality engine cores.

We are manufacturing almost all our GM engines with MSD ignitions.

All our engines are designed to run on 91 and up octane pump gas.

All our engines come with our full one-year warranty which starts when you get it on the road NOT when you buy the engine.

Important Note about our Turnkey Engines: Some of the Photos include Accessories that are an Additional Cost.

Remember we are happy to store your engine at no charge as long as you need!